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Can I get a printed manual containing all of the reading list references?

Due to copyright reasons, the IFC cannot create and make available a compendium of the listed reference documents, even though such a document would clearly be useful as a reference for study, review, and note-taking. The person using this self-study course is strongly encouraged to print out the referenced web documents on their own as they move through the self-study course. Of course, you must comply with applicable copyright and fair use law, upon which we offer no legal advice.

The latest research on educational techniques indicates that students learn best from printed materials, rather than from online reading. Many people find reading printed material to be easier than reading for hours from a computer screen. Using a printed document will also allow you to highlight the most important information and to make individual notes.

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How to study?

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Self-Study Reading and Video List

Document IFC04-16

Download Entire Reading List (links)

The order in which these documents are listed provides an approximate order in which it is suggested that they be read and studied. The material goes from basic to more involved, and from general to more specific.

FEMA: "Overview of fire protection in buildings" (28 pages)[Optional, but highly recommended]

"Close Enough, Is Not Good Enough: A Demonstration of Proper Vs. Improper Firestopping"(6:35)

"Inspecting firestop for compliance" (18:29)

"What's the difference between firestopping & fireblocking", PM Engineer Magazine

"Membrane penetrations in Fire Resistant Rated Walls", The Code Authority, 2009 Issue 1
  • b. Clarifying membrane penetration requirements
  • ASTM E2174-14, Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Fire Stops ($42 from

    ASTM E2393-10, Standard Practice for On-Site Inspection of Installed Fire Resistive Joint Systems and Perimeter Fire Barriers ($42 from

    "Common firestop code violations" - ICC Building Safety Journal

    Repair of Fire-Rated Gypsum Panel Product Systems (GA-225-15)

    IFC Recommended Guidelines for Performing Destructive Testing forInstalled Penetration Firestop Systems, Fire-Resistive Joint Systems,or Perimeter Fire Barrier Systems

    Protection of Sprinkler Piping Against Damage Where Subject to Earthquakes
    See the entire list

    Broken links?

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    Optional Resources (Not On Exam)

    FCIA Manual Of Practice (cost = free to $1075, depending on job title and location)

    Video: Fire Spread in Curtain walled buildings, UK Loss Prevention Council, Part 1 and Part 2

    ICC Evaluation Service, "Accreditation Criteria for Special Inspection Agencies, AC291"
    International Firestop Council