After-Exam Product

To upgrade your test certificate to a Premier Certificate (as required by OSHPD), take a minimum 2-hour product and installation training course from at least four firestop manufacturers, and obtain signatures attesting to that fact, that will cumulatively cover all of the following product types:

  • Intumescent sealants
  • Non-intumescent sealants
  • Cast-in place devices
  • Intumescent collars
  • Wrap strips
  • Composite sheets
  • Pillows and blocks
  • Insulation (forming materials, mineral wool, packing material)
  • Firestop devices (e.g. cable pass-through devices)
  • Head of wall joint systems

*Your examination success certificate will include the spaces to record this product training.

*If you do not or cannot obtain the hands-on training, your exam certificate nevertheless provides proof that you have passed the online test, and your name will be listed at the IFC website.

*In California, firestop product training can be obtained by contacting the manufacturers representatives listed in the list downloadable here.

*Outside of California, firestop product training should be sought out by finding and reaching out to the local sales contacts for each of the IFC member manufacturers. A list of those manufacturers is available here.

*Firestop product familiarization training will be offered in conjunction to most of the IFC’s How-to-inspect-firestopping seminars, which are offered a few times a year around the US and abroad. To stay informed of when and where those seminars are scheduled, please join our mailing list here.


4-hour IFC-approved training class focusing on firestop products and their installation by an instructor(s) that has (have) received qualified training from at least four firestop manufacturers.

E-mail to inquire about additional, future classes. Let us know the major city closest to you.

*For a list of currently scheduled seminars, go to the home page.

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