A multiple choice practice test is required prior to taking the exam and can be used as a gauge to help you decide if you are ready to take the exam. It is recommended that you take this practice test after you complete the entire self-study program, as a final gauge of your readiness.

Set up a free account prior to taking the practice test (follow "Take Practice Test" link below).

This will be the same account that you would then use to take the actual exam, so be sure to retain the username and password that you have created.

Attempt the entire test on a timed basis as if you were taking the final exam.

The practice test has 11 questions, and times out after 15 minutes.

Familiarize yourself with the testing process.

Taking the practice test will also allow you to get familiar with the service and how it presents the questions and multiple choice answers, so that you will be fully familiar with the mechanics of the process prior to taking the exam.

Gauge your preparedness for the actual exam.

If you score 90% or better on the practice test, then you are likely ready to take the actual exam. If you score between 70% and 90%, you might want to take some additional time to review the material before taking the exam. If you scored less than 70%, you should consider a second reading of the self-study materials, as you would be highly unlikely to achieve the required 80% correct answers on the exam.

Have you completed the self-study program?

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