• 60 hour average time commitment for self-study of recommended reading list
  • Reading list consists of linked documents and videos available free of charge (exception: ASTM inspection documents must be purchased)
  • For those wishing to have a proof of competence after the completion of studies, an online examination is available. Exam is proctored via webcam.
  • Exam certificate can be used to present qualifications to AHJ
  • First exam fee: $500
  • Exam certificate is valid for three years. Re-examination is required for requalification
  • IFC-Certificated inspectors will be listed on the IFC website
  • A Premier Certificate (as required by OSHPD) requires the exam plus hands-on product training from at least four firestop product manufacturers
  • Optional 1-day hands-on how-to-inspect training seminars are offered 4-6 times per year around the US. View More Info

40-60 Hrs

Average time commitment for self-study of recommended reading list

Online Exam

After the completion of studies, to obtain proof of competence, an online exam is available. Proctoring of the exam will be via PC webcam.

IFC Certificate

Exam provides an individual (not a corporation) to be the certificate holder

International Firestop Council