Optional Certificate Exam



Prior to taking the exam, a free, short practice test must be taken which will provide an indication of readiness.
The exam consists of 85 questions with multiple choice answers.
Each correct exam question answer is worth 1 point.
Incorrect answers are worth 0 points. Points will not be deducted for incorrect answers, so if you are unsure of the answer to a question, you are encouraged to choose the answer that you think it is most likely.
You can skip a question and return to it later. You can also go back to review questions that you have already answered.
The exam has a timed limit of 2 hours. Any questions which have no answer at that time will automatically get a score of 0.
Once you start the exam, it cannot be paused or stopped.
Once you start the exam, do not allow your computer to go into "sleep" or "hibernate" modes, and do not shut it down, as those will disconnect you from the service. In most cases, shutting your computer in one of these ways will terminate your exam session and your final exam score will equal the number of questions answered correctly to that time.
You will receive your exam results as soon as you choose to end the exam, or after the 2 hour time limit expires, whichever is first. If you achieve a passing grade of 80% (minimum 68 correct answers out of 85 total questions), you will be able to immediately receive a certificate attesting to the successful completion of the examination. The certificate will be e-mailed to the e-mail address that you provided when you set up the account.
The exam certificate will include blank spaces in which to record your firestop product training.
If you will be studying for the exam, you may want to watch a replay of the IFC's 1-hour webinar "Tips and Techniques to Help Prepare for a Successful Firestop Special Inspection Certificate Exam". Click here to watch the video at the IFC's YouTube channel.

Preview the instructions and test screens

The online test process is quite intuitive and easy to follow once you log on to your testing account. However, if you would like the comfort of previewing the instructions and screens that you will see at each step of the online testing process, you can download a preview document here.

Set up a account

To take the examination, you will need to set up an account at the exam website (administered by Be sure to provide a usable e-mail address, as this is where your certificate will be sent after successfully completing the exam. Setting up the account and taking the practice test are free.

Exam Fees


Standard Certificate Exam Fee
(Per Person)


Re-examination fee, if you fail the
exam and wish to retake it

Payment of Exam Fee

Exam fees are to be paid online when you wish to start the exam. The payment is accomplished using the "PayPal" service, which accepts all major credit cards, or which can use funds drawn directly from your own pre-existing PayPal account (if you have one). You may establish a PayPal account at prior to taking the exam, although it is not required to take the examination.


You must sign in to the same user account that you created for the first exam attempt in order to be able to use the reduced fee for the 2nd attempt. You will be locked out from being able to re-take the exam for 48 hours after the first failed attempt. This time delay is intended to provide you with the time needed to review the self-study material once again, and to encourage you to do so.

Publish Your Success

If you wish to have the IFC publish your name in an additional list that includes those who have passed the examination AND received firestop product training from at least 4 firestop manufacturers, simply send a clearly scanned copy of your duly completed certificate to

International Firestop Council